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The Band

Performing in black and white

We are a 5 piece band from Bradford, North Yorkshire. We have released one previous and two EPs, with a new one out soon, entitled Unsinkable Sailor.

We have been played across the BBC, from Radio 2 to BBC1. We have also been played on internet radio, for example by Mike Harding.

Live, we have supported The Duke & The King, Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures, Neil McSweeney and The Miserable Rich, though in recent years we tend to headline our own shows.
That’s a potted history, now a bit about each of us:

Sam Kipling portrait

SAM KIPLING: Vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keys, accordion

I’m Sam. I write songs about the world I live in – troubled yet hopeful; sad yet filled with love and loving. I’m inspired by the natural world and fascinated by our interactions with it. Whilst we strive to understand every complexity of the universe, I long for the simplicity of there being fewer of us. I’m currently exploring the world of barefoot running after being totally enthralled by the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. My favorite book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts which is profoundly, life-changingly beautiful. I’m also currently entertaining myself on my commute with the ‘Stuff You Should Know’ and ‘TED Talks’ podcasts.

Sam Lawrence portrait


SAM LAWRENCE: Guitars, mandolin, bouzouki, keys, vocals, uilleann pipes, soprano banjo, Novation synth, Hunter whistle, accordion.

I am also Sam. I play a lot of music on lots of different instruments, and I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years. I am also a jack of all building trades, live on a smallholding, make uilleann pipes for a living and live with my young and slightly hyperactive family.



Albert Freeman portrait

ALBERT FREEMAN: Bass, vocals, guitar, megaphone, flute

I am Albert, and as well as making musical contributions to Wilful Missing, I’m the band’s web geek. I also make music on my own, as Our Albert, and I’m a keen photographer.

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and SoundCloud.





Rhys Kelly Portrait

RHYS KELLY: Keyboards, clarinet, accordion

I live in the Calder valley, and also write and release music as Ten Fields.






Ruth Viqueira Portrait


RUTH VIQUEIRA: Drums, cajon, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals

Hi I’m Ruth, I sit at the back of the band and hit things. Aside from drumming I also enjoy drawing things, making things and being generally arty. I especially like drawing and printing pictures of animals and find myself being particularly attracted to whales, beavers, musk oxen, rabbits and bears (not sexually, just artistically). I occasionally enjoy indulging in Freddie Mercury themed evenings and following in my mother and father’s footsteps hope one day to meet Jimmy Cranky.