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Molehills Extras

Hello! So, you’ve found the special webpage that accompanies our Molehills out of Mountains album. You are probably here either because you scanned the QR code that came with the album, or because somebody shared the link with you. Either way, welcome, we’re glad you’re here and we hope you like the special treats we have for you here.

QR code on Molehills out of Moutains vinyl

We wanted to let you look beneath the surface of the album. While recording and mixing the album, we rather enjoyed hearing certain parts of these songs in isolation, and thought it would be nice for our listeners to be able to do so too.

From the bottom of this page you can download various alternative mixes of the songs on our album. There is just one thing we would ask though. If you haven’t actually heard the full album yet, please listen to that (ideally a few times) before you listen to these different mixes. After all, you wouldn’t watch the extras on a DVD before watching the film, would you..? Erm, actually Albert would do that, but he’s a bit special. If you haven’t got the album, you can download it (or order the CD or vinyl) from our music store, or you can stream it right here while you read, and while you download the extras.

Now for the alternative versions of the 11 songs on the album. We’ve made instrumental, acapella, and acoustic versions of all songs, plus a few other extras too.   Some of the shorter ones might make good ringtones.  Anyway, regardless of how you choose listen to these, we hope you enjoy them.

PLEASE NOTE: The 4 links below are to Zip files. If  you are viewing this page on a mobile device, you might need to send the link for this page to yourself so that you can download these things from your desktop or laptop computer.

Molehills out of Mountains (instrumentals) (11 tracks, 95MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (acapella) (11 tracks, 61MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (excerpts and alternative mixes) (13 tracks, 41MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (acoustic guitar and voice) (11 tracks, 85MB)