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What People Say

We’ve had some highly encouraging feedback on what we do, live and recorded.  What fans say means as much to us as what music big-wigs say.  After all, the music big-wigs are individuals with their own opinions, as are music fans.  If you look over to the right, you’ll see what people are saying about us right now on Twitter.  If you Tweet about us, your own Tweet will appear on this page too.  Below are some of the things that have been written about us elsewhere.

Molehills out of Mountains album reviews

“The carefully crafted and intricately arranged album is astonishingly good…An all round winner and an album I can tell I’ll return to when I’m in need of some perspective.”

Leeds Music Scene (read full review)

“rather spendid…bound to spread smiles wherever it goes… There’s something intangibly uplifting that shines out of every track.” (4/5)

R2 Magazine

“Wilful Missing are possessed of that all important difference that will no doubt be their making.”

Northern Sky (read full review)

“It has a level of intrigue that makes you want to come back and try to get as much out of the album as it’s prepared to offer…I’m liking this a lot and feel I’ve a lot more road to travel with Wilful Missing.”

FATEA (read full review)

“An album which has been worked on and fine-tuned to create something to listen to and enjoy for years to come. Whether you are a WM fan or not you are in for a treat with a CD created by five very special and talented musicians.”

Keep Music Live (read full review)

“With rich Americana textures, dancing Irish melodies, and quivering continental vibes, Molehills out of Mountains is a well researched and even better performed guide to folk history.”

Croon (read full review)

Vast Atlantic EP reviews

“…really, really good. Bradford rocks.”

R2 Magazine (Rock ‘n’ Reel), July/August 2010

“Vast Atlantic gives a refreshing introduction to the multi-talents of these five musicians. They have a feast of instruments from Cajon to bagpipes to tantalize, their musicianship is beautifully inventive and the songwriting has the intelligence that makes me pleased I’m running this station. Not surprisingly, I’m totally hooked”

Alex, Folk Radio UK 5 November, 2010 (full article)

“Utterly delightful…incredibly hard it is to dislike them”

Drowned in Sound, This weeks’ singles: 18/01/10 (full article)

“The first thing you notice is Sam Kipling’s striking singing voice: his is an entirely persuasive, sweet-toned yet forthright and precise delivery (you can hear and appreciate the nuance of every word) thatinvariably makes maximum natural capital out of the searching and often beautiful lyrics. Then, you’re knocked back rather by the group’s intelligent use of instrumental texture.

“Varied in expression and tempo yet (interestingly) consistent in musical vision,this is a very impressive and individual-sounding (and well-recorded)disc that packs a keen emotional punch and contains a hell of a lot of promise. Wilful Missing will be going places, I’m absolutely sure.”

David Kidman, Folk and Roots (full article)

“This is a perfectly formed gem whose sounds have never been far from my ears in recent months…. The band has a similar immediate impact as the superb Mumford & Sons without being in any way derivative.”

Joe Grint, Tykes News: Summer 2010

“The five-track CD is a perfect prism of the high quality song-writing, accomplished musicianship and vocal delivery of a band, who through hard work and immense talent, make the most difficult of lyrics or instrument playing appear very smooth and easy.”

Paul Abrahams, Keep Music Live / Leeds Music Promotions 10/03/10 (full article)

“Night Parachuting’ is undeniably pretty, featuring some truly beautiful strings which add an epic backdrop to the understated vocals of Sam Kipling…Be prepared to swoon a little come the three minute mark.”

Flashlight Music, Tracks, 25th January 2010 (full article)

Live reviews

“West Yorkshire is, at present producing a rich vein of brilliant bands from all genre, with Wilful Missing up there at the top of the pile. Ignore the band’s Alternative/Rock/Acoustic description of itself, and replace it with CLASS.”

Paul Abrahams, Keep Music Live / Leeds Music Promotions 10/03/10

“Sam’s voice is layered with sweetness and warmth that shines through every song”

The Met Newspaper, April 2008

“They know when and when not to play which creates a great sense of space within their songs”

MONO, April 2007

“Bradford’s Wilful Missing seem to be instinctive elaborators of melody, and a rewarding texture appears to develop effortlessly in their work.”

Leeds Music Scene, June 2006

Demo reviews

“There’s a spark of genius in their stuff and I hope it gets the right conditions to blaze up.”

Sandman Magazine demo review, July 2006