The QR code on the CD booklet

The QR code on the CD booklet

Hands up who scanned the QR code in our Molehills out of Mountains album? Who even knows what that question means?

The black and white matrix on the album artwork (included in the CD, vinyl and the download from our Bandcamp store) is a QR code, and it was they key to access alternative mixes of the album.

If you scanned that QR code (there are lots of free apps and websites to help you do this) you would have been taken to a hidden page of our website where you could download different mixes of the songs on the album for free. We have now also put the download links on this page too.

The bonus mixes include instrumental, acapella and acoustic versions of the whole album, plus a few other bits and pieces too.

Take a listen to five of those extra tracks here, including isolated instruments and an abandoned intro:

You can download all 48 of the extra tracks here in these four ZIP files:

Molehills out of Mountains (instrumentals) (11 tracks, 95MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (acapella) (11 tracks, 61MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (excerpts and alternative mixes) (13 tracks, 41MB)

Molehills out of Mountains (acoustic guitar and voice) (11 tracks, 85MB)


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