As you may know, Ruth is currently taking a break from music to be with her gorgeous, and remarkably coiffured, new baby.  We are now playing with a fabulously talented young man from Leeds by the name of Joe Cox.  Joe has recently graduated from Leeds College of Music with a 2:1 in jazz (would an 11:8 not have been more appropriate for a jazz degree?) and he certainly has a bright future ahead of him.

Joe Cox's drums on Instagram

Joe Cox’s drums on Instagram

Our quest for a drummer took us in several directions in the early part of 2013.  We had a few enjoyable gigs with Gary Stewart and then Aid of Drum Machine on the sticks.  Then Albert became acquainted with Joe on Instagram.   We seem to have a knack of finding drummers via social media, having previously found Jonny Newell on Myspace when that network was the bee’s knees a few years ago.  But when we started our search for a drummer earlier this year we wouldn’t have anticipated a photo sharing network would ultimately bring us together with a drummer.  But it did, and we are very happy about it indeed.

We have already had a handful of gigs and a church session with Joe over the summer.  We are also working on some new songs with him and we have enough ideas to form the follow up to our Molehills Out Of Mountains album.  We haven’t started recording yet but we are road testing some of the new songs, so if you are coming to see us live over the next few months you will hear some of them.

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