Yes, our album Molehills out of Mountains is indeed finally out, and you can buy it here. Initially it only has limited availability, with its wider release due in January 2012.  We wanted to split its release into two: one special early release for our existing friends and fans; and then to the wider public via such outlets as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. This phased release is the best way we could think of to say ‘thank you’ for all your support. Making the album really wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Molehills out of Mountains vinyl inner

The album is available in 3 formats (CD, vinyl and download – the inside of the vinyl art is shown above) and has been available for a week now.  If you’ve got it already, do get in touch and let us know your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, or by email via this website.  It’s always good to hear what you think. By the way, if you Tweet about us, your Tweet will appear on the What people say page of this site.

A special ‘thank you’ goes to all who were able to attend the fantastic launch gig last Saturday at the New Beehive in Bradford. It was an astonishing turn out and great to see so many friendly faces. We were lucky enough to be supported by two very talented acts: The Stalks, featuring our very own Rhys Kelly, and the inimitable Neil McSweeney. If you like what you heard, click on the links and listen to their stuff.  Neil, in case you didn’t know, is the writer of ‘London Road‘, one of the songs on our album.  We decided to play the whole album from start to finish at the launch gig, so there were airings of songs which we’ve rarely played before.  It seems a little unnecessary to include our setlist, but for the sake of completeness (because we usually do so) our setlist is at the bottom of this page.

Wilful Missing t-shirt

With the help of our unstoppable in-house artist, Ruth Viqueira, we also now have a small, but perfectly formed, range of merchandise.  This includes organic/carbon-neutral t-shirts featuring a unique design incorporating elements of the art from both our Vast Atlantic EP and Molehills out of Mountains album.

We also have badge-sets featuring the iconic ‘bear in the boat’ from Vast Atlantic. If you’re still looking for Christmas present ideas, have a browse at our new online merchandise store. We’re also offering a Deluxe Vinyl Bundle of Molehills out of Mountainsfor £25, which includes:

  • personally signed copy of the album on 180g vinyl
  • t-shirt (in your chosen size)
  • badge set
  • CD version of the album

This is available along with the regular CD, vinyl and download versions of the album on our online music store.

If you’d rather hold the album in your hand before making your purchase, CDs and LPs are also available from two excellent independent, local record shops in Leeds – Crash Records and Jumbo Records.  We hope to have more shops stocking our music in 2012.  If you know of a good independent music shop you think would sell our stuff, do get in touch with us.

We plan to release the album across a wider range of digital stores on 23rd January 2012. We may also release a single from the album, with some very special b-sides. But which song should be the single?  Which song do you think is most likely to spark the interest of radio producers and DJs? Let us know your thoughts on this too.

We hope to be able to spread our wings and visit a number of places round the UK during 2012.  If there’s a particular venue where you think we should play, even if it’s your own living room, let us know. We’re always looking for new and exciting places for gigs.

Finally, as promised above, here is the setlist from our album launch in Bradford on 3rd December:

Cry For The City
Don’t Be Scared 48
Constitution Failed
London Road
The Waltz
Like Lovers Do
Powerful Pill
Caught Between Seasons
Wilful Missing
I Am Clay
Sleeptalking Over

Postcode Lottery

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